Let’s Make a Deal

the-uncertain-principleIf you ever want to feel truly insignificant, accomplish a life goal, especially if your goal is publishing a book of poetry. No one will care except for the two hours your friends are forced to sit through you slurring your way through a reading after they’ve kindly loaded you up on tequila.

Yes, my book, ‘The Uncertainty Principle’ is finally available for purchase. It’s an actual, honest to fuck, three dimensional, tangible object with words inside. I don’t know if it’s available for purchase in physical stores but you can buy it online. And buy it you should because if you do, I’ll make you a deal.

You buy a copy of my book and I’ll publish your photo and review right here on this blog. You don’t have to like it. You don’t even have to read it all the way through. You don’t even have to read it, period, but if you write about what you did instead of reading it, I’ll post that as well. If you decided to make origami sculptures or paper dolls out of the book or just use it as a coaster, send me a photo and I’ll post it here. My book also makes a hilarious gift for people who are hard to shop for. If you do this please take a photo of the gift recipient’s puzzled face when they tear open the wrapping and I swear I will post it here.

If you’ve read more than half a post here you know the usual blah blah blah about racist, sexist, homophobic whatevers won’t be posted but your opinion or lack thereof of my poetry will be given it’s own space.

So take a photo of yourself with my book and write pretty much whatever you want. I mean, ideally a review of the book but whatevs. And thank you in advance for your support.

You can buy my book at these fine retailers:







Barnes and Noble 



and from my publisher at Tightrope Books 


Preface to Eating the Night Whole


Loved this poem by Steve Edwards from A-Minor Magazine

Originally posted on A-Minor:

by Stevie Edwards

No answer, but the body still asks
What have you done?
as it hinges toward a new decade of knowing
the bloodhound it carries, fang and fantasy, is
not a pet that can be put down per se
but an abiding beast that prowls in the too quiet.
Is it poison? Is it rabid?
Lord knows, I’d give my dainty left ear
to be a painter of pleasant still-lifes,
throw the right one in for free.
But who wants any of that?
I do, I do.

Stevie Edwards is a Lecturer in the English Department at Cornell University, where she recently completed her MFA in creative writing. She is also Editor-in-Chief of Muzzle Magazine and Acquisitions Editors at YesYes Books. Her first book, Good Grief, was published by Write Bloody in 2012 and subsequently received the Devil’s Kitchen Reading Award and the Independent Publisher Book Awards Bronze…

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A Very Teenaged Last Year


I have a found poem in this issue of A-Minor and I am well chuffed about it. Lots of great work on the site, thanks to A-Minor for running my work.

Originally posted on A-Minor:

by Roxanna Bennett

Heartbroken, fucked up. Orpheus too, not only for you,
but all species, possibly stones. If stones speak to you
don’t talk back.They put you in the hospital for that,
and then nothing. I feel fine about this. It’s easier to not

have to make the decision about being let down.
Perpetual drama, parents, partners, persons, make
a fucking decision. Stop wanting less. Own
the other, I’m odd, old, definitely won’t go. Take

action or keep being a psych patient at home.
I’ve been certain girls, I bail first, I hate me most
with the blade edge of my being. Question
good, I wasn’t always this crazy, out of focus.

Across the ocean from not leave with her,
change her, hold her. I want to be missed
like any other animal. If you want I’m here
but inconsistent. I also sustain or exist in.

Sourced from a personal…

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