A Weapon of a Girl, poem by Roxanna Bennett (Celebrity Free Verse Poetry Series)


My first Taylor Swift poem. I’ve finally arrived.

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

by Roxanna Bennett

Could I be crazy, amazing? My twisted
confessional is not slander if followed
by a question mark. I’m sick of saying
it’s crazy that I’m crazy, I’m a girl.

If I could just find someone who looked
at me like I’m a girl. Like a girl they want
because they don’t know me, I’m crazy.
Because of guys who write and say they want

to chain me up in their basements I have no
social life. It’s crazy, being scared in the middle
of a conversation on a bus, in the mall, or
an airport bathroom at four in the morning.

If I could find someone who just looked at me
like I’m a girl. Like a girl they want to be.
It’s crazy that I’m thought of as a weapon,
I’m a girl. The cartoon character most people

see me as…

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Call for Submissions: Celebrity Free Verse Poems


This is one of the most potentially hilarious submission calls I have ever seen.

Originally posted on Silver Birch Press:

Banner with female face and thinking bubble
CALL FOR SUBMISSIONS: Found poems based on lines from celebrity interviews. This could be a celebrity you admire or one you’d like to poke fun at in a lighthearted way.

WHAT: Find a celebrity interview on-line and grab phrases from it to create a “found” poem, or create an erasure poem from a page of text. For erasure poems, also send jpg of original erasure.

WHEN: We’ll feature the poems on the Silver Birch Press blog during the Celebrity Free Verse Poetry Series from September 1-30, 2014.

HOW TO SUBMIT: Email the poem (give it a title) to silver@silverbirchpress.com as an MSWord attachment, along with your name, contact info, author’s bio, and any notes about your creative process or thoughts about the celebrity you chose. Provide a reference for the original text (publication, date, and link to website where you found it). PLEASE — put all of this information in…

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